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Bermuda stampato con fusciacca Bermuda stampato con fusciacca

Bermuda stampato con fusciacca

Regular price €59.00 EUR
Bermuda lino con fusciacca Bermuda lino con fusciacca

Linen Bermuda shorts with sash

Minimum price €79.00 Maximum price €89.00
Bermuda gessato Bermuda gessato

Pinstriped Bermuda shorts with pleats

Regular price €79.00 EUR
Bermuda con pinces Bermuda con pinces

Bermuda shorts with pleats and large pockets

Regular price €49.00 EUR

From beloved lightweight linen shorts , ideal for tackling higher temperatures with comfort and style , to brightly colored Bermuda shorts , you'll find a variety of options for every occasion and preference. You can combine them with your favorite shirt, to complete the outfit with an elegant jacket , or give your look an even more chic touch by opting for a colored scarf .

Different styles , refined fabrics and details that embellish the garment will allow you to find the pair of shorts that adapt perfectly to your personal style , allowing you to express your uniqueness on every occasion.