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nanà brand

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you

our world

Nanà Italian Heart welcomes into its world and enhances a woman who moves through life with style and class, who knows how to tread lightly in her own time and lay a unique and original gaze on the things she sees, thus brightening the day of those who meet her. 

our name

The very choice of the name Nanà for the brand is not marginal, but is part of a framework of attention to detail and transmission of meaning in line with the values of the brand itself: in fact, the name recalls the Italian woman as strong, generous in feelings and passionate as the inspirational icon Anna Magnani.

stores as collection chests

Nanà's dream, which soon became a reality, is to not only create clothes but also real landing points for its clientele, not banal physical stores, but treasure chests where the most precious treasure is made up of always current and contemporary collections, strongly characterizing a refined woman with a strong personality. The same personality that can be breathed at the stores, one different from the other and furnished with unique pieces that denote extreme research, even in the environments.

OUR story

The Nanà brand tells a story of passion for fashion and carefully designed and executed women's clothing for a woman who wants to stand out, feel special every day and dress outside the traditional canons through the common thread of grace and good taste. The Nanà company was born from the serious work of those who own the world of fashion within their family tradition and have always lived breathing the atmosphere and times of tailoring and pattern making, among rolls of fabric, pins, stitching, casts, meters and dummies.

Nanà is a brand with an Italian heart, attentive to details and quality, encompassing the artisan wisdom of Made in Italy and always distinguished by refinement, style and excellence. Nanà Italian Heart is the brand that dresses the femininity of every woman making her unique and contemporary, a journey through style and charm that enhances her elegance and refinement in her everyday life.

Lisa John